Do I Need Planning Permission for Garden Decking in Cardiff

A garden is a place where one looks to spend some quiet time digging or even just watering the plants and contemplating.

Most people use wood or timber to build decks, and it is the best choice. Wood is natural and sturdy. But it can also rot, splinter and warp. Since the wood in the deck remains exposed to elements of nature, it fades in color to gray. A dash of paint before installation and cleaning every two to three years will keep it in good condition.

Ipe decking is also a popular choice among many. This wood is grown or naturally found in Central and South America. It is known for its lasting properties and toughness. It is also very classy and elegant. The downside is that it could cost a little to buy and install. A little bit of maintenance in the form of deck oil is required from time to time. Usage of ipe wood decking oil boosts the ipe deck's capacity to repel water and UV rays. It will also aid in retaining the original reddish-brown color. Exposure to elements of nature and usage requires cleaning up to keep the surface bright and shining. Many also stain the ipe for better lasting conditions.

Many also consider lockdry decking.

For some, a patio style deck may require Planning Permission. Rules and regulations keep changing and hence, it is always best to check with the authorities before installing one. Certain restrictions apply, and it is better to be aware of them before proceeding with the ground work. It has happened, and it is still happening that people were caught unawares. The primary objective behind these restrictions is that the decking should not overlook the neighbor’s garden and invade their privacy.

There are some deck situations that need Planning Permission:

  • If the deck is situated within 20 meters of a highway.
  • Effective October 1, 2008, if the deck platform is more than 300mm.
  • If the house is situated in a conservation area or National Park or is attached to a listed building.
  • If the deck is in front of the principal or side elevation of the house that faces the road

It is best to keep the size of the deck in proportion to your home and garden. For decking, the authorities are normally more concerned about the appearance of the decked area, if it is the height above ground level and the amount of coverage. In the UK, newly formulated planning rules now apply to the size of decks about the existing property or garden such as decked surfaces should not cover more than 50% of a property's garden.

Before proceeding, the property owner should always first contact the council to understand the restrictions that may apply. Communicate with the Local Authority planning office and seek assistance.