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When considering a home renovation, waste disposal can become a problem requiring a solution from a skip hire company. However, the process can be difficult when considering a skip hire in an urban environment as space can be limited and local council rules may dictate the placement of any hired item.

The first option to consider is what style of skip is required. A small home or garden renovations may only need a mini-skip of 2 cubic yards, while a larger project may need an extended skip of 16 cubic yards. It is important to choose an option suitable to your individual needs, as costs and restrictions increase with size.

Next, the physical placement of the skip should be considered. Local councils have differing requirements for skips on public areas (i.e. roads and pavements). Councils usually grant permits to individuals for a fee for a certain duration of time, although some local authorities will only grant these licenses to waste management companies. In either instance an insurance policy is required, although this is generally provided by the skip hire company. Another important point to consider is a council's turnaround time can be many weeks, so prior planning is necessary to avoid costly hold-ups.

When a skip is to be placed on private land, then no council permit is required. The only element to consider is the access available to the desired location. Skip hire companies deliver from lorries which have the ability to raise skips over walls or hedges, to a usual height of around 3 feet. Otherwise, a driveway will need to be wide enough to allow access.

If you are unable to gain approval for a skip and lack the space for one on your own land, there are some other options for waste disposal. Some urban waste management companies offer a wait and load service. This involves a skip being placed on public land with the lorry waiting alongside, not requiring council approval, and then removing it when it is filled. This option may be more expensive, however, and requires the waste to be organized beforehand.

Less traditional alternatives to metal skips are another option if space is an issue. Companies offer heavy-duty bags via postal delivery that can be filled and then left out for collection. These have the advantage of being lighter and more manoeuvrable and can be filled with up to 1.5 tonnes of waste. However, if they are to be left on public land for collection, some councils may require a permit to be gained.